Remote Work Solutions in the Time of the Pandemic

in the recent weeks, we’ve been noticing a monumental shift in the way our societies function. The rapidly spreading Novel Coronavirus pandemic forces us to reorganize and rethink the way we work. In this time, remote collaboration often becomes a necessity rather than an option. Businesses, employees and contractors need to adapt to the changing landscape and embrace this shift to confront the changing reality.
I’m writing to you as the founder of an organization that’s built around distributed collaboration. At Togedo, we connect experts from around the world with clients in need of software solutions. We’ve been working with clients ranging from startups to international corporations to deliver stellar products at affordable rates. Recently, we developed an interactive data explorer application for one of the largest gas companies in Europe. They told us they consider it the gold standard of technical solutions.
In daily work, we use our proprietary project management platform. In the light of recent events, we’re making it publicly available. If you’re interested in an online tool that could facilitate your work and aid in communication with your colleagues, you’re more than welcome to use it for free at a reasonable scale. We’re adding new features almost daily and working closely with our users to address their needs. I hope our platform proves helpful in these tough times. All projects are private by default, but if you need any software or automation help from our vetted experts, you can use the “Delegate this project” button on the project page.
If this sounds interesting, please use the following link to create your first project: url716.togedo.com/ls/click?upn=n6fSsmCc27ys20TM5pHuAeft7GKhae0771b-2BMt7cOo2rGjnLxa6HJECjmkYiGK4kbi48_fHn0gpKp9-2BXFpUVXWjD4KRcSbgSxuo2PyAwLc0XAkYEHX62CjNuShdPNaWco8SOEzqdYrVm5S-2B0NcQAHwxhSg5W7U0w…
Should you have any questions or feedback, please let me know. Otherwise, I wish you all the best and I won’t bother you again.
Kind regards,
James Daab CEO | Togedo Sp. z o.o. url716.togedo.com/ls/click?upn=n6fSsmCc27ys20TM5pHuAUWBnfwyWKBIoa3CjqDe1ck-3DJo68_fHn0gpKp9-2BXFpUVXWjD4KRcSbgSxuo2PyAwLc0XAkYEHX62CjNuShdPNaWco8SOEzqdYrVm5S-2B0NcQAHwxhSg4K67faUd9wZ5AcfEKvH7E98q-2… +1 562 287 4799 [email protected]