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Hello Dear Customer! [email protected] Transaction Id : 845DT872464
Annual Transaction Successful!
Thank you fõr subscribing with Geek Squad Tech services again, yõur annual PC subscription has been renewed and reactivated.
This subscription includes Network Protection Shield and PC Security Software along with on demand online/offline technical services.
The yearly charge of $ 398.99 is processed successfully from the account credit balance which will reflect on the statement within few hours.
Just to remind to again, your services startêd on 06 Oct. 2022 and it will rêmain active until 05 Oct. 2023 unless you unsubscribe from our services.
If you find any transactional error in this receipt or you wish to cancel the subscription and get a full amount refunded back, please feel free to contact us.
Customer Helpline +1 (888) 462 3009 (Toll-free Number)
Best Regards,
Mary Smith Customer Support Helpline Team Toll-free # +1 (888) 462 3009